The Rabazzi Piante Company..

Adonis Rabazzi, my uncle, he began working at a nursery in Pistoia in 1962 and even then on the weekends crammed his Fiat 500 plants with requests from friends of Buonconvento.
So in 1974 the idea came to buy two acres of land and bring together the three brothers Rabazzi in this new venture. They planted the first trees, were cultivated fruits, shrubs, hedge plants, roses, conifers, climbing and especially vineyards were realized in the area of ​​Brunello and Chianti.

The company was founded in 1974 thanks to the intuition, passion and great entrepreneurial spirit of one of the Rabazzi brothers (Adone) , who had been working in nurseries in Pistoia since 1965 and who acquired all the farming techniques and the experience, that were then handed down from fathers to sons and enabled a very high level of quality of the articles, the same ones that you can buy at our store daily. Rabazzi Piante is also a reference point for the purchase of trees, hedge plants, fruit trees, vine plants, Christmas trees, whose growth is followed meticulously in our nurseries. Our company has set its cultivation system using modern methods and techniques: the goal is to always offer products that are available in all seasons and for all customer needs. Finally, among its competences there are also the provision of various services in the field of management of green spaces: such as pruning of Tuscan cypresses at height, grass maintenance, pruning of various kinds.

Why Us

40 years of experience

We’ve been operating in Tuscany since 1974, the passion for what we do enables us to maintain a high quality standard.

A staff of professinists

We employ the best professionals and landscape architects for the design of your green areas ..

Equipement at the forefront

Overhead platforms for pruning with basket. Excavator for planting, tillage and preparation of lawns.

Additional Services

Fences, paddocks, stone paths, drip systems, terracing, mulching.