Additional services for your green areas

The creation of green areas needs a number of ancillary activities to gardening

Soil preparation, fertilization, the construction of wooden structures, mulching, irrigation .

Rabazzi Plants by virtue of its many years of experience is able to offer a wide range of additional services, meeting the needs of the customer at 360 degrees.

Fences and containment

Construction of fences to contain the ground, fences, enclosures.

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Mulching with pine bark or volcanic lapilli.

Natural herbicide that blocks the growth of weeds.

Transport and delivery of plants

We deliver plants, even large ones, direct to your door.

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Special arrangements

We create flower beds and arrangements for special occasions such as the festival of the Val d’Arbia in Buonconvento, the exhibition of white truffles of San Giovanni d’Asso, or for Benuvenuto brunello in Montalcino