40 years of experience for your garden

Rabazzi Piante  is a nursery with a wide selection of trees and hedges, potted plants, seasonal flowers, vegetables. Christmas trees and much more …

Consultancy from design stage

Rabazzi Piante is design, construction and maintenance of green areas and gardens, but also pruning, building fences and palisades and formation of turf.


Parks and gardens

The staff of Rabazzi Piante will think of the design, construction and maintenance of gardens in the territory.

The experts that the company hires are able to intervene for the redevelopment of green areas such as parks and vegetable gardens

Direct sale in the nursery

In our nursery, plants are grown in containers of different sizes, always in reference to the age of the plant and with advanced techniques of the field.

This ensures that the engraftment is facilitated to reach up to 100% of the result, thus allowing a reduction of the necessary care when implanting.

In our production nursery you will find: vegetable plants and seasonal flowers, potted plants for hedges, trees in the ground and in pots, flowering shrubs, Christmas trees and all the news of the moment …. and much more!!!!!

Contact details

S.S. di Monte Oliveto 7 – 53022 – Buonconvento (SI)
Tel: 0577 806302
Fax: 0577 807286
E-mail: rabazzipiante@tin.it
E-mail: info@rabazzipiante.it

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